Real-Time Sensing Technology

The Simplest way to Track

More power production than conventional solar tracking methods

Technology Advantage

Experience Smart Tracking Technology

Real Time Sensing Technology (RTS) is a patented solar tracking sensor developed to provide a more efficient way of solar tracking than traditional solar tracking methods. We engineered RTS to track smarter and to capture maximum energy generation during any type of weather conditions.  With an unparalleled power performance, RTS is the preferred solution for capturing solar energy.

UV Resistant Plastic

Our patented Real-Time Sensor's outer shell can withstand high levels of direct sunlight making it suitable for outdoor environments

No Calibration Required

Unlike conventional solar tracking methods that require calibration, our Real Time Sensors

No Special Tools

Our Real-Time Sensors require no special tools or skilled technician a

International Patented Technology

Our technology is 100 percent Internationally Patented giving us the advantage of offering an unprecedented solution for tracking solar energy

Plug N Play

Once installed, simply turn on your system when ready and Real-Time Sensing does the rest

Tracks in Real-Time

Positions our trackers in the most optimal position and eliminates unnecessary energy use during low light conditions (under 3,000 lux)

How it works


Our patented Real-Time Sensors offer tracking in real time – without any pre-programming necessary. The patented real-time sensors guide our systems to the highest point of irradiance optimizing energy production. It instantaneously communicates with the tracker control box to make the necessary movement to face the array perpendicular to the sun.

Cloud Coverage - Low Light Conditions

During cloud coverage, the real-time sensor positions our trackers in a stow or 0 degrees position, allowing for no wasted energy while capturing diffused light.

Other - Pre-programmed systems

Conventional GPS Programming or Astronomical Tracking systems continue their pre-programmed path wasting energy.

Products and Technology

Real-Time Sensing Tracking Solutions

Obtain the most optimal power generation at any scale

Our Real Time Sensors are placed on both the X and Y axis to provide 3-Dimensional tracking solutions to maximize production throughout the day.

Technology Advantage

Experience Tracking in Real-Time