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The Simplest way to Track

Real-Time Sensing (RTS)

Better Tracking. More Power Generation.

Real-Time Sensing (RTS) was developed to capture maximum energy from the sun. The patented sensor guides our systems to the highest point of irradiance, optimizing energy production. With a Plug N’ Play solution, RTS requires no pre-programming unlike conventional GPS Input tracking systems.

How Real-Time works

RTS Tracking solutions

PST-1AX6 Single Axis and PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracking systems powered with the benefit of RTS.

PST-2AL Dual Axis Solar Tracker with Real Time Sensing

Technical Specs

UV Resistant Plastic

Protection Class

IP 65



Input Voltage


Maximum Power Current


Tracking Accuracy 


Detection Method

Luminus Deviation

3,000 Lux PWM Type, Photo Coupler Type