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Power Performer

PST-1AX6 Single Axis Tracker

Simplifying Solar

The PST-1AX6 is Sun Action Trackers horizontal single axis tracker. The 6 row tracker offers up to 10% higher ground coverage ratio and comes with a full tracking range of motion including backtracking functionality.

Breakthrough Benefits

The PST-1AX6 is integrated with highly-efficient features that make it a complete system overall. The PST-1AX6 is engineered with anti-corrosive steel that allows for our tracker to withstand harsh environments thanks to its unique self-healing process. It’s patented tracking technology captures maximum energy from the sun and acts in real-time, preventing energy loss during low sunlight conditions.

Self-Aligning Bearing

The PST-1AX6 is designed with a self-aligning that adjusts to site conditions and reduces field work during installation. The inner spherical form of the bearing requires no greasing, eliminating maintenance for the life of the tracker.