PST-1AX6 Single Axis Solar Trackers

Maximize your Energy Generation

Up to 30% more power generation over Fixed Tilt Systems

System Advantage

Simplifying Solar

Powerful Features and Design

Ultimate Tracking Technology

Integrated with Real-Time Sensing (RTS) Technology for optimal power generation over conventional solar tracking methods

Corrosion Resistant Design

Built to withstand high corrosive atmospheres thanks to MAC Steel (Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel), a self-healing alloy that is 5-10 times stronger than conventional galvanized steel.

Integrated with Less Motors

Designed with 4x less motors than independent row trackers.

System Advantage

Fully Integrated System

The PST-1AX6 is integrated with highly-efficient features that make it a complete system overall. It’s engineered to easily adjust to any site conditions and its strong steel alloy helps it heal during extreme conditions – preventing corrosion and damage.


Our Single Axis Solar Trackers also hold up to 360 modules per each six row system.  This means that 1 MW systems only require 7-8 systems (6 row arrays).

Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel (MAC Steel)

Built with Corrosion Resistant Steel

Corrosion resistant product that is 5-10 time stronger than galvanized steel used in the industry today

System Advantage

Ease of Installation

The PST-1AX6 is designed with a self-aligning that adjusts to site conditions and reduces field work during installation. The inner spherical form of the bearing requires no greasing, eliminating maintenance for the life of the tracker.

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