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PST-1AX6 Single Axis Tracker

Get to know the PST-1AX6

The PST-1AX6 is Sun Action Trackers horizontal single axis tracker. The 6 row tracker offers up to 10% higher ground coverage ratio and comes with a full tracking range of motion including backtracking functionality.

Single Axis Solar Tracker with Real Time Sensing


Built with self-healing Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel (MAC Steel). A corrosion resistance product that is 5-10 times stronger than galvanized steel.

Tracks in Real-Time

Offers patented Real-Time Sensing (RTS) to optimize more energy generation than conventional astronomical pre-programming systems.

4x less motors

Equipped with 4x less motors than independent row trackers, allowing maximum flexibility.

Installation Flexibility

Designed with Pivot Assembly that self-aligns eliminating installation adjustments.

Installation Flexibility

Unlike other single axis trackers, the PST-1AX6 offers many possibilities and advantages when preparing your project. Its unique design offers benefits to guarantee more production. 

Unlike other single axis trackers, the PST-1AX6 forms better to the land instead of fighting it with large piles. (N/S orientation).

Other single axis trackers connect many rows together, the PST-1AX6 flows with the land to save you cost.

Installation Savings

More modules for the same area
less land

Save more

Compared to other single axis trackers, the PST-1AX6 is able to fit more modules per row, resulting in 50% more modules for the same area. By using the PST-1AX6 translates into using approximately 30% less land! Talk about savings.

Power Components

The PST-1AX6 utilizes our vertically integrated Solar components that offer unlimited flexibility and help increase production. With a superior design, they deliver great results and require minimal maintenance.