Alamo 5 Solar Project

Uvalde, Texas

Project Overview

Alamo 5 has been dubbed the steel forest by CPS Energy. Located in Uvalde Texas about 85 miles west of San Antonio, Alamo 5 covers roughly 900 acres. This project features 380,000 high efficiency solar modules paired with 9,000 Sun Action Tracker’s PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker. This solar project will power over 18,000 homes displacing approximately 150,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) annually.




Homes Powered


Cars Removed


Metric Tons Co2 Displaced

Learn about our Technology

Our PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker is the premium choice for modern tracking technology. Thanks to our patented Real-Time Sensors that allow for optimum solar energy generation due to the ability to follow the sun at its maximum irradiation point both vertically and horizontally.