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Self-healing Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel


MAC Steel produces a self-healing process that prevents future corrosion.


5-10 times stronger than galvanized steel used in the industry today.


Thanks to its self-healing properties. MAC Steel guarantees long life to your project and product.

UL 3703 Salt Spray Testing

UL Tested

600-hr. Accelerated Salt Spray Test according to UL 3703. Test confirms the self-healing MAC Steel is higher in resistance to corrosion compared to galvanized steel (foreground).

UL 3703 Testing on Magnesium Alloy coated steel

It Self-Heals

In an event of scratching or damage, the MAC Steel begins a self-healing process. The upper coating layer dissolves to cover the damaged area and accelerates the growth of a stable corrosion product. Image UL 600-hr accelerated salt spray test cut side view.  

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