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Simplicity in Design

FTA-120 Utility Scale Racking System

Drive Pile Foundation Design

The Sun Action Trackers FTA-120 utility scale racking system utilizes a drive pile foundation design that allows for speed in the field during installation. With the use of Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel and its self-healing properties, Sun Action Trackers FTA-120 is guaranteed to be the Fastest and most Bankable fixed tilt mounting system in the industry today.

FTA-120 Solutions


The FTA-120 is built with self-healing Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel (MAC Steel). A corrosion resistance product that is 5-10 times stronger than galvanized steel.

Module Compatibility

The FTA-120 can accommodate any commercial available solar panel, so you have the freedom of choosing any module on the market.

High Wind Capacity

The FTA-120 can tolerate high winds to give you peace of mind during any type of climate change.

Product Installation

Product installation is available for you to choose. Our team will take care of the product installation, giving you peace of mind.

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