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We provide Solar Energy Solutions for any Scaled Project

Sun Action Trackers is committed to the innovation and manufacturing of high-grade solar tracking and racking systems in the United States. With headquarters in San Antonio, we offer bankable solutions to residential, commercial and utility scaled projects in the U.S., and worldwide.




Tracking and Racking Solutions

A Total Solutions Manufacturer for the Solar Industry

As one of the leading total solutions manufacturer of solar tracking and racking systems, Sun Action Trackers offers a diversified portfolio of world-class products for your solar energy needs. We employ some of the industry’s most innovative tracking solutions. Both our PST-2AL (Dual-Axis Tracker), and our class leading PST-1AX6 (Single-Axis Tracker) utilize our patented Real-Time Sensing Technology which is used to capture maximum production. Our steel is made to withstand high corrosive atmospheres and is 5-10 times stronger than conventional galvanized steel. This product together with its self-healing properties ensures that your project will be able to stand up to the rigors of the elements.

FTA-120 Fixed Tilt

The Sun Action Trackers FTA-120 utility scale racking system utilizes a drive pile foundation design that allows for speed in the field during installation. With the use of PowerSnap Clip and Clamp, the FTA-120 is one of the fastest and most bankable solutions today.

PST-1AX6 Single Axis Tracker

The PST-1AX6 is integrated with highly-efficient features that make it a complete system overall. It’s engineered to easily adjust to any site conditions and its strong steel alloy helps it heal during extreme conditions – preventing corrosion and damage.

PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker

The PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker is a fully integrated system featuring smart components that work hand in hand to deliver achievable results during any type of weather, and in unideal terrain conditions.